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CivITas is live

CivITas Banking Solutions is live! Bankers’ Bank of the West has been helping community banks with Information Technology and Security
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Securing Twitter

In terms of criticality, Twitter may not make your Top 10 list of services to secure. But because social media services are a part of your online identity, Twitter be protected along with your other accounts.
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Securing Facebook

Taking these few steps can help to make your Facebook safer to use and more enjoyable as well.
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Securing Cortana

More and more privacy rights are being called to the forefront with the various “listening assistants” on almost every device today. Taking these few small steps can help to make your use of them more secure and more enjoyable.
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Securing Siri

If you use an iPhone®, you are no doubt familiar with Siri. She is a great little help when you
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Securing Alexa

Whether you’ve received the popular smart speaker as a gift, or decided to jump on the 21st century bandwagon of voice assistant-enhanced life, having an always-on speaker in your home can present some risks. Changing some privacy settings on the speaker, and securing the linked Amazon account, will help to mitigate risks.
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Article #2

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