CivITas is live

CivITas Banking Solutions is live! Bankers’ Bank of the West has been helping community banks with Information Technology and Security solutions for two years. During this time we have discovered an increased need for these solutions for our community banks and their customers. CivITas Bank Solutions, LLC is a wholey owned subsidiary of Bankers’ Bank of the West, Bancorp Inc.

Our goal is simple: Provide effective information technology and security help to those who need it without an exorbitant cost. How can we do that? Because our holding company has other lines of business. While we do want to stay in the black, we aren’t a startup who has to find every penny to pay back investors; instead we can concentrate on giving the best solutions to our customers.

We are driven by our customers. That means we try to provide what you need. If we can’t provide it, we will be upfront and help you find someone who can. We are part of community banking and our sister company is a chartered correspondent community bank. Being in the same boat means your interests align with ours and together we can improve our technology, be more secure and get to the business of banking.